(NEXSTAR) – As you’re preparing for your next flight — maybe for spring break — you may be trying to make sure you’ve packed everything you need for your trip. That may include your e-cigarette or vape pen — but can you really bring that along?

Though not as complicated as traveling with marijuana can be, it’s worth noting that flying with an electronic cigarette or vaping device isn’t exactly easy. E-Cigarette

Can you bring your vape pen or e-cigarette on a plane? | The Hill

The TSA is clear that electronic smoking devices are not allowed in checked luggage at all. If you plan to bring it along, it’ll need to be in your carry-on.

You are required to make sure the device’s heating element won’t accidentally turn on while traveling. This could include removing the battery, placing the device in a protective case, or separating the battery from the heating coil, the FAA explains.

Both the battery with the device and any spare batteries cannot exceed 100 Wh if they’re lithium-ion or two grams for lithium metal batteries. You also can’t charge the device or the batteries while aboard the flight.

Lithium batteries, though often completely safe, are capable of overheating. This can cause thermal runaway, which can lead to smoke, a fire, or an explosion, according to the FAA.

Earlier this month, a vape connected to a battery charging inside an overhead compartment reportedly ignited a piece of luggage next to it, causing smoke to billow into the cabin of a Spirit Airlines flight out of Dallas. It was forced to make an emergency landing in Jacksonville and 10 people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Your airline may also have restrictions on the number of devices you can bring on the plane, federal aviation officials warn. Delta Airlines encourages its passengers to review customs laws for other countries during international travel.

While you can bring e-liquids and vape juice through TSA, it needs to be less than 100 ml like any other liquid.

You can find more information about flying with e-cigarettes or any other item at TSA’s website, or by contacting your airline.

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Can you bring your vape pen or e-cigarette on a plane? | The Hill

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