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When sanding and grinding you need materials that get the job done and don’t wear out prematurely. Believe it or not, not all materials yield the same results. When it comes to sandpaper, we look for quality products. More recently, developments like Diablo Sandnet and Milwaukee PowerGrid tear-resistant mesh sandpaper have yielded impressive results. These products sand just as well as normal grit sandpaper but clean easily, provide above-average dust collection, and last far longer. When it comes to grinding discs and flap discs, we see a very wide array of results. Some products don’t quite cut it while others perform really well. When grinding welds or even using diamond cup solutions for smoothing out concrete pads, having the right grinding solution really matters. It can represent the difference between hours of work…or days. Angle Grinder Flap Disc

Sanding & Grinding Accessory Reviews - Pro Tool Reviews

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Sanding & Grinding Accessory Reviews - Pro Tool Reviews

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