Gold bars worth over 100 million dollars stolen from Canada airport

Toronto: More than 1,630 kilograms, or 1.6 tons, of gold, with a market value of roughly $104 million appears to have been stolen in a heist at a Canadian airport.

According to reports, the precious metal was being housed in a secure facility on the property while it was being transported through Canada’s busiest airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport. Logistic Straps

Gold bars worth over 100 million dollars stolen from Canada airport

Prior to being transferred overseas, gold that has been mined domestically is typically stored at Pearson.

The airport reportedly handles over half of the air cargo for the nation.

The robbery, which was nearly half as massive as the Brinks Matt heist in England in 1985, in which 3,000 kg of bullion was taken, has prompted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to be brought in to help identify those responsible.

The Toronto Sun reports that authorities think local organised crime organisations likely carried out the robbery.

Given the size of the haul, a truck was probably used.

Because so many commodities are constantly passing through ports and airports, criminal organisations frequently view them as simple targets. According to police, criminal elements are present at Pearson Airport.

According to Bloomberg, an RCMP representative said: “We are still attempting to obtain accurate information regarding the heist.”

One of the major issues the burglars are likely to run into is how to sell the stolen gold, regardless of whether the theft was carefully planned or carried out on the spur of the moment.

The perpetrators of the Brinks Matt heist, which involved the theft of £26 million in gold and jewels from a warehouse close to Heathrow Airport (worth £93 million today), had to melt the gold in order to benefit from the theft.

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Gold bars worth over 100 million dollars stolen from Canada airport

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