3 Types of Car Door Handles and Tips for Choosing Them |Auto2000

Car door handles play an important role in providing comfort and safety to vehicle users.Every time AutoFamily enters the car, touching the door handle is the start of your journey.There are several types of car door handles that are attached to cars.

For example, the Toyota Voxy uses sliding doors or automatic car door handles.There is also the Toyota Rush which uses conventional car doors.Car handles are related to the exterior of the car, which is also important for AutoFamily to consider when buying a car. Modern Interior Door Handles

3 Types of Car Door Handles and Tips for Choosing Them |Auto2000

To find out more about the types of car door handles, you can see the complete description below.

Car door handles, or what are often known as door handles, are an important component in a car's exterior.Located on the outside and inside of the car door, the car door handle is one of the components that determines the comfort and functionality of using the vehicle.

The main function of a door handle is also related to user safety.The door locking mechanism connected to the door handle ensures that the doors remain locked while the vehicle is in motion, thereby providing extra protection to passengers.


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Choosing the type of car door handle is a crucial step in maximizing the vehicle user experience.There are various types of car door handles, each of which provides advantages and characteristics.To help you make the right decision, let's look at the following types of car door handles.

Conventional car door handles are the type that is often found and commonly used.This door handle consists of a handle that can be pulled to open the door, and has various advantages.

The advantage of this type of door handle is that it is easy to use and install, and does not require special maintenance.This type of car handle is the right choice for AutoFamily who are looking for a simple and reliable door handle.

Electronic car door handles use sensors or buttons to open the door.Equipped with additional security such as sensors and alarms, this type provides a higher level of security.

How to operate it can be done using a key or remote, thus providing extra convenience.Not only that, electronic car door handles also give your vehicle a modern and luxurious impression.

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For maximum comfort, automatic car door handles are the right choice.This type of door handle uses a motor and sensor, the door can open and close automatically.

Additional safety features such as sensors and alarms are also implemented in this type of handle.Giving a modern and luxurious impression to the vehicle, automatic car door handles can improve your driving experience.


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When choosing a door handle for your vehicle, there are several things that AutoFamily should consider.First, it is important to understand the types of door handles available.Conventional car door handles, with retractable handles, are usually easier to use.

Meanwhile, electronic and automatic car door handles offer additional security and convenience, with the ability to operate using a key or remote.Next, consider your needs and lifestyle.If you prioritize simplicity, a conventional door handle might be a suitable choice.

However, if you are looking for additional safety features and want to give your vehicle a modern touch, electronic or automatic car door handles could be an attractive option.Also pay attention to the design and aesthetics of the door handles, as this can reflect your personal style and give a unique impression to your vehicle.

Also make sure that the door handle is resistant to environmental conditions and can be used for a long time.Through these tips for choosing car door handles, you can improve your driving experience in a safer and more comfortable manner.

Choosing the right type of car door handle is an important decision to increase the safety and comfort of using your vehicle.Conventional car door handles are suitable for AutoFamily who are looking for a simple door handle, while electronic and automatic car door handles provide extra security and comfort.

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3 Types of Car Door Handles and Tips for Choosing Them |Auto2000

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