Closet organizers, racks and custom builds can cost a fortune, but there's an easier, more affordable way to maximize your current storage space. The Wonder Hanger Max is an affordable, easy solution to any closet organization conundrum. This product works to triple (yes, triple!) the space in your closet by storing clothing on foldaway hangers.

Each hanger is designed to hold up to 30 pounds, making it 50% stronger than the original beloved design. This 10-pack gives you a set of fully assembled hangers that are ready to place on your racks and be filled with clothing. Hang the two main hooks from your closet rod, fill each of the 5 slots with clothing hung from any type of hanger (from wood to metal to flocked), then remove one end from the rod and let it down. The clothes will continue to hang vertically while staying upright and wrinkle-free. Space Saving Hangers

Who knew you could triple your closet space with one $14 tool?

This reviewer was worried about duds dragging on the floor, but said it works great: "Bought this to make closet more organized and easier to get to outfits. I was worried that my clothes would drag on the floor when it's folded but they are safely in the air and several inches from the floor for even some of my longer sweaters. It has saved me several feet of room and made organizing a breeze."

We don't all have the space in our homes for a walk-in closet and this hanger system makes even the smallest of coat closets seem huge with its smart, space saving design. They're also great for storing seasonal clothing when not in use. "These hangers are stronger than any others that I have used. True advertising for sure. They truly can hold 5 winter sweaters or 5 sweatshirts with pants on one hanger without breaking."

Who knew you could triple your closet space with one $14 tool?

Children Hanger For just $14 it's hard to beat this space-saving product. So get your set today and prepare to be wowed by the amount of room you make for yourself. Heck, it may even be time to go shopping for some more sweaters!