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Family mourns El Reno man after oil field death

MAJOR COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – An oil field accident took the life of a man in Major County Thursday morning.

Investigators report a swab rig operator for Orco Service LLC was pulled into a cable winch drum about six miles northeast of Fairview.

The Major County Sheriff’s Office said they were called out to the oil field a half-mile north of East West 49 and County Road 258 at 8:54 a.m. They’ve identified the victim as Jerry Pollard of El Reno.

“I feel sorry for his kids because it’s hard to lose a parent,” said niece Tasha Miller.

She said their family never saw this coming.

“His work showed up at my aunt’s house and told her that Jerry Pollard was in an accident on a rig and that he was pronounced dead,” Miller explained.

But Miller said the family is still unsure of how exactly the accident happened, as they weren’t provided with details.

They’ve spent the day in mourning, calling the 60-year-old oil field veteran and father of five kind with a good sense of humor.

“He loves his family,” Miller shared. “He took care of his family when he needed. He was a good man. I want everybody to pray for his family and keep us in your prayers through this difficult time.”

The Major County Sheriff’s Office said the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office and OSHA Oklahoma City office are investigating the details of the incident.

They added that the owner of the well, Stride Energy LLC, has suspended operations.

A representative for Stride Energy said “no comment” when KFOR called the company on Thursday.

KFOR also called Pollard’s employer Orco Service several times Thursday and could not reach anyone for comment.

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Family mourns El Reno man after oil field death

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